Breathing air systems

Del-Monox® Breathing Air Purifiers.


In 1966, Deltech introduced the industry’s first engineered, contaminant removing system to convert compressed air to safe breathing air. Over time, the designs have advanced employing the latest in filtration and dehydration technology. Today, Deltech is the most respected brand name in breathing air purification around the world.


Maintain Health and Safety RequirementsThe DM Series delivers breathing air quality in accordance to international standards.
OSHA: CFR1910.134 (Occupational Safety & Health Association)
CSA: Z180.1-13 (Canadian Standards Association)
CGA: G-7 (Compressed Gas Association)
ANSI: Z88.2-1080 (American National Standards Institute)

Environmental safety standards mandate the need for a suitable air supply to ensure worker safety. Del-Monox Breathing Air Purifiers enable industries to meet required standards.


The optional energy management system automatically matches purge air requirements to real time load on the dryer. When operating at reduced capacity, the on-line drying tower remains active until the full drying capacity of the desiccant material is utilized. Each tower is precisely controlled to manage drying times to reduce purge air consumption.

Optimal Performance and Operation…


Stage 1 General purpose filter removes solid and liquid contaminants down to 1.0 micron
Stage 2 High efficiency oil removal filter captures liquid aerosols and sub-micronic particles down 0.01 micron
Stage 3 Pressure-swing regenerative desiccant dryer removes water vapor to ensure the effectiveness of the catalyst bed
Stage 4 Dried air travels through a catalytic converter reducing CO concentrations by converting CO to CO2
Stage 5 Particulate removal filter collects contaminants 1.0 micron and larger from the purified air stream
Stage 6 Activated carbon filter removes oil vapor, trace odors and other gases normally absorbable by activated carbon


For Quality Breathing Air…
Optimal Performance and Operation…Excessive contamination of compressor intake air will adversely affect performance of the purifier.
Del-Monox® Breathing Air Purifiers remove moisture, solid particles, oil aerosols and mists, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon vapors commonly present in compressed air. The resulting air can be safely used by supplied-air breathing devices such as masks, hoods and helmets.

Features and Options

– Pre-filtration removes solids and oils
– After-filters collect remaining particles and adsorb vapor
– CO catalyst converter
– Air sample ports for optional analyzer installation


-Visual color change


– Left / right tower
– Inlet / outlet purifier
– Purge pressure


– NEMA 4/4X with critical LED indicators
– Soft on / off switch with two power recovery modes
– Switching failure alarms
– Adjustable service indications
– Tower / valve status LEDs
– Voltage free common alarm contacts
– RS-232 communications portOPTIONS
– Nema 7 electrical rating
– Copper, brass or stainless steel instrument tubing and fittings
– Breathing air analyzers
– Advanced Level -2 Controls:
– Vacuum fluorescent text display
– Automatic energy savings
– Calibration-free temperature sensors
– High inlet temperature & low inlet pressure alarms

Breathing Air Analyzers

OSHA maximum concentrations for breathing air:
– 10 PPM of Carbon Monoxide (CO)
– 1,000 PPM of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
– 5 mg/m3 Oil (Condensed Hydrocarbons)
Breathing air system performance is subject to excessive intake of air contaminants. It is important that breathing air systems are routinely monitored for proper operation. The DM Series Breathing Air Purifier can be monitored using several air analyzing options.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor
– Digital readout of CO concentration
– Visual and audible alarm
– Contacts for remote alarm
– Push-to-test button
– Alarm silence switch
– Simple calibration
– Adjustable high & low alarms with indication

Analyzer Choices:
Additional Options
– Multiple alarm capabilities»
• CO & oxygen»
• CO & dew point»
• CO, oxygen & dew point

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