Oil/water separators

GD PAK & Intelli-Pak

The GD PAK & the Intelli-Pak System has been engineered to provide the most effective and user-friendly oil-water separator on the market. The proprietary encryption on the replacement cartridge offers aftermarket security unlike any products of its kind in the industry.

The Science Behind the Media

The alumino silicate substrate media included within the GD PAK is formulated to attract the contaminants and repel water molecules. When the condensate/ lubricant mixture passes through the media bed, the lubricants are actually bonded to the media. This bonding process virtually eliminates any possibility of the used media being able to contaminate ground water at any point in the future.

Gardner Denver Eliminator Troubleshooter

Traditional gravity type separators do very well in separating oils that have good separation characteristics. However, many compressor oils do not fully separate. These types of oils, known as emulsions, tend to foul-up the carbon filters as well as the preabsorption and coalescing medias that are commonly installed in front of the carbon filters. Those filters have to be replaced before their capacity is fully used.

This is a result of oil binding off the pore area of the carbon where the condensate first comes in contact with the filter. The jelled oil clogs the filter, which then prevents the volume of condensate from properly flowing through the filter. This premature failure of the carbon filters most often results in the system backing up on the floor.

Liquid Separators

For compressed air systems that contain excessive liquid and solid contamination, choose Gardner Denver Liquid Separators. Our unique design combines the techniques of centrifugal action and other mechanical separation principles (Impingement, Separation, Laminar Flow, and Strokes Law) to remove large quantities of liquid and solid contamination.

Typical applications include water separation downstream of aftercoolers, downstream of intercoolers, protection of refrigerant and desiccant dryers, downstream of air receivers and other liquid/gas separation duties where the volume of water ad solids poses a real problem.

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  • Liquid Separators - 25–1,700 SCFM
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