Hydrovane (V/VR Series)

Hydrovane (V/VR Series)

Rotary vane air compressors
2 HP to 15 HP

Effective January 1, 2022  all enclosed HV/HR/HRRS/HVRS Series rotary vane compressors will become obsolete, but Aircom will continue to support any discontinued enclosed rotary vane compressors from an aftermarket, technical support and warranty perspective.

Fixed Speed
Obsolete Model         Replacement Model

HR04                       VR04 / L04
HR05                       VR05 / L05
HR07                       VR07 / L07
HV11                       V11 / L11
HV15                       L15
HV18                       L18
HV22                       L22
HV30                       L29
HV37                       L37
HV45                       L45

The replacement models will be the open vane V/VR Series and enclosed rotary screw L Series as well as the LRS Series compressors that are not only proven, but well accepted in the market and will keep you successful in the 60HP and below horsepower range.


Variable Speed
Obsolete Model           Replacement Model

HR07RS                     L07RS
HV11RS                     L11RS
HV15RS                     L15RS
HV18RS                     L18RS
HV22RS                     L22RS
HV30RS                     L30RS
HV37RS                     L37RS
HV45RS                     L45RS

Fixed speed models that will be discontinued include the HR04, HR05, HR07, HV11, HV15, HV22, HV30 and HV45 and variable speed models include the HR07RS, HV11RS, HV15RS, HV18RS, HV22RS, HV30RS, HV37RS and HV45RS . 

  • Hydrovane V/VR Series 2-15 hp
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