Turbotron blowers

Turbotron blowers


The patented Lamson® TurboTron® Regenerative Full Flow and Half Flow blowers/exhausters are specifically designed to provide continuous flow and pulse-free air with the versatility to perform in numerous air applications. These regenerative blowers/exhausters are packaged in various pre-engineered “TurboPak” systems and are available as belt drive, direct drive, overhung and even VFD variable speed configurations.

Full-Flow Series

• Airflow to 900 cfm
• Pressure to 13 psig
• Vacuum to 14″ Hg

Half-Flow Series

• Airflow to 450 cfm
• Pressure to 13 psig
• Vacuum to 14″ Hg

Key Features

Installed as a blower or exhauster, the Lamson TurboTron Regenerative unit features a revolutionary impeller design, achieving multistage compression with a single impeller. This unique design represents the best efficiency available in a regenerative blower/exhauster. The TurboTron regenerative blower delivers quiet, clean, smooth, pulse-free air with pressures to 13 psig and vacuum to 14 “Hg.

Quiet and Noise Free

Noise and vibration are reduced. Even without an acoustical cover, the typical free field noise level is only 82 dBA at three feet (one meter).


This regenerative blower/exhauster is virtually maintenance free. There is only one moving part and no timing gears. The high tensile strength aluminum composite housing is corrosion resistant. Nonbinding Teflon® is used in close tolerance areas. Bearings require only occasional greasing, and shaft seals are non-contacting and non-wearing.


A revolutionary design, proven dependability and power make this blower/vacuum producer the best investment for the most demanding applications.

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