Hoffman Revolution Plus

Hoffman Revolution Plus

High-speed turbo centrifugal blowers

Many of our customers count on us to help them reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption while improving operational efficiency.

The fact that up to 70% of aeration equipment lifecycle operating costs is dedicated to energy usage because energy efficiency is one of our top priorities.

HOFFMAN’s REVOLUTION PLUS combines an advanced blower management system with a significantly smaller physical footprint than traditional blowers to set a new standard for blower design, performance, and efficiency.

The REVOLUTION PLUS uses innovation and advanced technology to deliver energy savings of up to 40%; increased reliability with little to no maintenance, and comes factory pre-wired and tested in an ergonomically designed sound enclosure for plug-and-play operation.

A Revolutionary Turbo Blower

– Provides energy savings of up to 40%

Low Noise
– < 85dBA sound rating

Simple Maintenance
– User-friendly design simplifies maintenance

Innovative Design
– Innovative airfoil bearing extends the life of the u

The REVOLUTIONPLUS consists of a compression unit equipped with a blow-off valve that releases air, protecting the unit during start/stop, while an inverter controls the rotating speed of the blower’s high-speed motor. Housed in a robust, sound-insulated enclosure, the REVOLUTIONPLUSfeatures a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); allowing operators to actively monitor, control, and adjust the speed to meet changing process demands and operating conditions.

  • High-Speed Direct Coupled Motor.
  • Latest Airfoil Bearings.
  • No Belt. No Gears. No Oil.

Touch Screen HMI
– Enables operator to manage blower systemsettings and parameters
– Monitors operational condition

– Changes motor rotational speed, flow rate, and pressure conditions according to PLC values

– Communicates system operational data to HMI
– Maintains normal operating condition and and safeguards blower equipment

Cooling Air Silencer
– Reduces sound from air-end
– 2-path structure inside

Blow-off Valve
– Protects air-end when starting and stopping blower
– Prevents damage to air-end from surgeconditions
– Pneumatically driven using system discharge pressure

– High-efficiency centrifugal blower design
– Compresses ambient air for continuous flow positive pressure applications
– Uses airfoil bearing, allowing oil-free operation
– Air-cooled or water-cooled

Inlet Silencer
– Reduces air-end noise through inlet

  • Hoffman Revolution Plus - High-Speed Turbo Blowers
  • Applications

    • Aeration Basins
    • Air Drying
    • Air Flotation and Sliding
    • Air Knife Stripping
    • Blow-off Systems
    • Carbon Black
    • Coal Gasification
    • Combustion Air Blowers
    • FGD – Forced Oxidation
    • Fluidized Bed
    • Gas Boosting
    • Gas Recovery
    • Landfill Gas
    • LNG Vaporizers
    • Printing Operations
    • Pulp Dewatering
    • Steel Plating Baths
    • Sulfur Recovery
    • Vapor Recompression
    • Aeration
    • Aerobic Digestion
    • Biogas
    • Digester Gas Boosters
    • Filter Backwashing/
    • Air Scouring
    • Grit Chambers
    • Clean Rooms
    • Electronics
    • Explosive Dust
    • Collection
    • Flux Recovery
    • Housekeeping
    • Nuisance Dust Collection
    • Oral Evacuation
    • OSHA Standard Required
    • Pneumatic Conveying
    • Powder Paint
    • Product Reclamation
    • Sanitary/Product Quality
    • Source Capture
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