for positive displacement, regenerative and centrifugal blowers

Silencers U5 Series –  1/2 to 6 in. and
Series SU5 – 4 to 60 in.

Absorptive silencers are very effective on high frequency noise (500–8,000 Hz).

These are most often used for inlet or discharge on regenerative, centrifugal or blow off applications.

Silencers CB Series –  2 to 12 in.

This extremely compact blower silencer works as either an inlet or discharge silencer on rotary positive blowers.

It is about one-third the size of a standard silencer, and reduces overall package size, cost, weight and storage space.

Spec sheets
  • Straight-Through Absorptive Silencer – U5 Series
  • Annular Flow Absorptive Silencer – SU Series
  • Compact Blower Silencer – CB Series
  • Chamber Type Discharge Silencer – URB & URD Series
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